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Thursday, 13 October 2016

No life phase stays the same

It is a complex mixture of emotions, experiences and lessons, which are blended along with thorns and soft petals. It is an exceptionally unpredictable ride that takes you through the bottom of the oceans to the top of the skies. It is a frightening yet electrifying experience from birth to death and I call it: life. 

Life is a beautiful journey that is filled with endless broken and smooth paths. What astonishes me the most about this word ‘life’ is that it makes us experience so much in this world from the happiest moments to the saddest times; from birth of a child to death of a loved one; from encountering the meanest to the nicest individuals; from attaining a degree from one of the region’s best universities to losing your dream job; from bringing a smile on the innocent’s face to sacrificing your greatest dreams; from being a millionaire to a bankrupt; from being pure to a sinner; and I guess the list continues. 

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that
smiles the  clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."
- Lord Byron 
At some point, life may seem like a bitter reality loaded with a baggage full of sheer nonsense. That’s when you want to give up on everything and isolate yourself from the world. Everything that you do will get seemingly impossible and you will see constraints in every step you take. This ferocious stage may last a day, a year or even a lifetime.

But remember one thing, god is always kind to his people. If there is darkness in your life today then prepare yourself for tomorrow's brightness. The gloominess around you may gradually turn into something beautiful someday; if not today but someday soon.

It’s amazing how that dimness in life brings back better days in a gradual process. You will then sit back someday, relaxed, calmed and collected; satisfied with that terrifying experience of your life that left you with lessons. It is incredible to think what all you get to experience in this four letter word (l-i-f-e) in numerous ways.

My grandma always says: no matter what every phase in life passes and nothing stays the same. The relationships, achievements, losses, happiness, sadness nothing remains constant. So keep yourself strong because today's storm is tomorrow's peace and today's nightmare is tomorrow's beautiful dream.

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