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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lessons learnt during university life

There are countless phases in life and attaining a university degree is certainly one of them. So I thought of sharing four of the many influential and life-changing lessons that I learnt in the past four years!

  1. Not everyone is the same! In my university I came across so many people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Some too polite while others too scornful; some too proud while others too decent; some exceptionally well-off while others struggling to pay off their university debts. As I walked through this journey, I definitely learnt that not every soul is the same. No matter how similar your background is, you can never be like the other person; even if you want to, you can’t. That’s the beauty of being ‘just you.’ I found people to be more privileged than me in countless ways but again I also met people who were so unfortunate to be having to lose their mother in an early age. I learnt the essence of my existence, which lied in the very fact of me accepting the sole person I am with irreplaceable instincts.      
  2. To be responsible. Trust me, studying and working at the same time isn’t an easy task. It requires tremendous amount of courage and determination. When you choose to work during this very phase of your life you experience that struggle of coping with study load, especially during stressful days, to being on time for every shift to submitting your assignments before deadlines to being professional in front of your work supervisors. I learnt to be responsible not just in my classroom but in my workplace too.
  3. Choose friends wisely! Your friends will always remain your support system in every walk of your life and this includes your traumatic university moments too. My friends have always been there for me when I was overshadowed in the midst of sadness to my boastfully proud moments.  They’ve mentally motivated me and helped me overcome my fears. Having a strong support system is as important as having to excel in anything that adds to your success! So choose your friends wisely!
  4. Work in groups! Teamwork has taught me entirely contradicting things: either you learn how people treat you collectively or how you respond to members’ comments/criticisms. Honestly, working in a team brings out the members’ true nature, which is mostly their super negative bossy and malevolent side. And with that you learn to be tolerant towards their harsh criticisms and pointless contributions. Teamwork prepares you for real-life where you work as a group in a professional environment. 
Once upon a time, this was me. 

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