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Friday, 22 August 2014

It’s a chaos

Everything seems so imprecise and vague. Is it the biased media or the prejudiced politicians or merely the disturbed citizens who are to be blamed for the current disorder in Islamabad, Pakistan?

Is it simply the political disturbance, which Pakistan is encountering? No, it involves something more massive than this. The current economic situation, the international position and the disruptive national security is at stake.

It’s a high time that the government makes a final agreement rather than keep delaying it. We know and they themselves know how corrupted the entire political system is in Pakistan. Instead of hiding themselves inside their lavish resort-like palaces; instead of driving around in their expensive cars with a great protocol; instead of adoring all sort of unnecessary luxuries through the use of taxes that has been paid by the citizens, these corrupted politicians should stop it all here.

The admirers of such charlatans should know their real faces. They shouldn’t fear anybody instead walk towards the path of truth and practicality. I am not claiming that it has to be Imran Khan on the president’s seat within the next few days rather I’d certainly say, “GIVE HIM A TRY!”

However, the country is facing a great downfall in every sense and if Imran Khan gets the place, it’ll take another year or so to stabilize the current disruptive situation. Therefore, giving Imran Khan a chance to show his democratic leadership won’t be an improper idea. It’s not guaranteed that Imran Khan can successfully alter the anarchy and introduce a more peaceful and a democratic nation but we should give him a try anyway.

With due respect, President Nawaz Shareef shouldn’t stay stubborn with his presidency. He himself has been elected through unfair elections. He should let go his pride and act more sensibly. Because it’s not only about being “President Nawaz Shareef” rather it’s about the lives of millions of people.

Bring a better change!

Retrieved from PTI's official website: http://www.insaf.pk/

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