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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Being Just - Gaza

The intensity of pain is unimaginable,
the fear of living is inexpressible.

With every strike … dozens die,
but most says people of Gaza lie.

It’s pathetic … its injustice,
you know why? Because of their prejudice.

People of Gaza are shattered like a jigsaw puzzle,
the streets, the playgrounds, the schools own the muzzle.

The breathing souls own the patience,
we as being seek them for inspiration.

With every explosion a family is scattered,
their dreams are all shattered.

Oh the people of Gaza,
the humans understand the antagonist’s drama.

Their injustice will soon be topped with worms and thorns,
and death won’t come to them until they cry and mourn.

Oh the people of Gaza … you own no weapon,
for we know you are the people of heaven.

(Tumblr Copyright - psychedelicmanda.tumblr.com)

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