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Thursday, 26 December 2013

We ask, we get & we are unthankful

Have you ever wondered how unthankful and greedy we folks are? We ask for so much that we tend to dispose of half of those blessings just because they don’t fit into our greedy, over-loaded hands. This shows the level of our disrespect and ingratitude towards our Lord. We feed ourselves with things more than we need. This is how our today’s Ummah is. We ask, we get and we are unthankful. 

To begin with, life is not the same for everyone. Its concepts and genres may vary from every person. But the only similarity is that, Akhirah waits for all. There is no exception for anybody in this case. Our life teaches us so much, either intentionally or unintentionally. It’s as though, every new day brings a new experience in your life. Your experiences could depend on the new people you encounter, new things you learn in society or even a simple long drive with someone special is counted as an experience. These experiences depend on how we perceive the world and our surroundings. Mostly people may acquire them either positively or negatively. However, the best thing to remember about them is that; make every moment of them worth spending and remembering! Try to do every special thing you can to beautify them as you are unaware of your last second on this planet. Moreover, cherish every next experience of your life with full of gratitude and thankfulness as you have made through it this much!

Problems? Miseries? Troubles? Difficulties? Regrets? Agonies? Hitches? At times, these are the phrases that clearly describe your life. Isn’t? And weren’t you thankful to be blessed with them? Well, I may sound cracked to you as I am asking you to be grateful towards your depressing moments but, trust me, you should be. The matter of fact is these miseries are from Allah. He puts you in these problems, guides you through them and makes you realize what you really are and what your status is as being a part of this human race. These problems are nothing but trials from your Lord. He tests you every now and then. The reason He puts you into such trials is because He wants to see how you will react after getting knocked down. He wants to see how His beloved servant turns towards Him during his time of need and how much he cries during his sajdah and ask for help and guidance from His Lord. This is what Allah’s objective is when He puts us through trials. 

Now that we know what is expected of us, we should always strive to meet His expectations and try to be one of His best servants, In Sha Allah! 

+Alhumdulillah <3