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Monday, 9 December 2013

Why is it different to be a covered pearl?

‘The veil that fastens the smile across the face and enriches the soul with abundant rewards; what more  a Muslimah would ask for if she is under the shade of her Lord’  - Me

It’s strange how a single head covering transforms a Muslimah. And this transformation does not only take place from outside, that is, her appearance rather it is within. It’s that beautiful touch she starts to sense deep down her heart, which makes her feel as the most precious being alive in this wide world. Masha’Allah.

Hijab is not only the covering of the head but it is of the heart as well. It dip’s a woman’s heart and soul into the streams of respect and purity. It’s the hijab that motivates her to lower her gaze in front of the world and still manage to hold a firm identity.

Hijab is synonymous to a beautiful way of presenting a precious Muslimah. It hides her from the horrifying world out there and makes her confident enough to stand out among a bunch of others.

Hijab brings the Muslimah closer to her Lord. She starts to experience spiritual transformation, which keeps her getting attracted to her beautiful deen. Masha’Allah!

Let’s just give a try to become a practicing hijabi In Sha Allah!

Practicing Muslimahs are like covered pearls in Islam, Masha'Allah.

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