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Monday, 2 June 2014

Let’s Make a Better Pakistan!

Far away we reside
Away from the sparkling smiles,

Never let the thought of your land fly
Pray for it until you die,

Eloquence won’t make a difference
It’s time to stand high and lit the sky,

Making Pakistan a land of harmony
With you and I spreading love and unity.

It's strange how most of us forget our own country ones we step out of it. It's even more strange that we least bother to turn back. What have you and I done for Pakistan? I ask you and to myself as well, is the education we’re gaining is really worth if we have nothing to contribute to Pakistan? In the end, these questions will only overwhelm us. But it's time to implement them and make a difference!

Being an NRP, you and I can contribute more to Pakistan than those who are actually residing over there. In this short piece, I will highlight the possible ways in which we can contribute to our country.

To begin with, poverty is considered as a harsh reality of Pakistan. Almost 64 percent of Pakistan’s current population is below the poverty rate (The Express Tribune, 2014). As being NRPs, how can we contribute to this thrilling rate of poverty? This deficiency of a well-being is due to a lack of job opportunities especially in rural areas. People are demanding for jobs but it’s least likely the case that they are supplied with any. Our Pakistani brothers and sisters who are currently living there want to strive for the betterment of their nation but a lack in the means to undertake this action is preventing them to do so.

We, as NRPs can be ‘young entrepreneurs’. We can invest a proportion of our savings (pocket-money) into small industries in Pakistan. These industries need finance to establish them and create jobs for others, which in return will flourish the nation. We are not only the leaders of our personal souls but also for a successful Pakistan. To exemplify this, even if we separate 100 Dirhams per month from our monthly savings, we can easily save almost 25000-30000 rupees per year. This is a massive amount! Imagine because of your contribution an underprivileged gets a settled job and a better education for his children.

We are busy fixing our lives and overlooking those who are in extreme need for survival. Pakistan will not become a developed nation until you and I keep aside our “personal” concerns and take into account their lives.

Being a patriotic and a devoted NRP, we have to look into ways that could flourish the country internationally. The image of our beloved country is ruining whether it is in terms of social, economic or political affairs. I’m sure most of us have set goals to achieve after attaining a degree. Some of us may either look forward to a job at a multinational organization or may start a business. But ask yourself will these high goals really help you to contribute to a prosperous future? Is your education valuable enough to invest in Pakistan? Keep struggling to untie these complex knots. You can donate your education in Pakistan’s international laws, food scarcity, social welfare, trade matters or education. You can become specialized in such fields and lead to a better Pakistan.

Make Quaid’s dream come true by transforming Pakistan into a land of peace, harmony and unity. It’s a high time to unite and help our Pakistani families residing there in every possible ways. We as future leaders are the leading steps for a prosperous Pakistan!  

Farz haii humaara iss mittii ko apna samajh ne ka,

 waise he jaise tum samajhte ho gairo kii mittii ko...

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